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At Kiddie Kampus we have 8 different classrooms in which the students are grouped by age. Although the center opens at 6:30 AM – 6:00 PM and has a general school schedule, each one of our 9 classrooms has its own class schedule. Routine activities are completed daily in every age group which assists every student in transitioning, adapting, and building confidence.


Although these little guys set their own schedule, our infants’ classroom for children birth – 12 months has a schedule too.

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12 – 18 months class

In this class our tiny learners are following a new schedule that allows them to adapt to an actual classroom setting. This is the classroom where they will spend their first half of 1 year old life.

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18 – 24 months class

Our second group of one year olds has a very similar schedule, with the exception that their developmental stages allow for more challenging activities.

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2 year old class

In our two year old class, our students are introduced to potty training. They love the feeling of being big boys and big girls which inspires a load of creative and educational activities for this age group.

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3 year old class

The students in this group have reached an age where creativity has no limits, as does confidence and self esteem. Most students in this age group at Kiddie Kampus learn to spell their names before they turn 4!

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4 year old class

The students review in a play enhanced, hands-on and creative way which allows them to actively prepare for their last year at Kiddie Kampus.

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VPK Class

Our Kiddie Kampus Seniors have a whole lot waiting for them in kindergarten, so it’s our job to build the strongest, most knowledgeable VPK graduates in town! Activities are planned to permit the students to progress significantly educationally, physically, and mentally.

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